Live Session – Florida Dreamin’ this Friday

You’re Hired:  Life Hacks to Launch a New Career in Salesforce

When:  Friday November 2nd, 10:10am
Where: Florida Dreamin’ Lime/Lemon Main Hall

The job market for Salesforce skills is HOT HOT HOT right now, but how do you land that first Salesforce job if you have little or no experience? If you currently work in Sales, Customer Service, IT, or even drive an Uber, you might have what it takes to jump into to a career in Salesforce, even with little or no hands-on experience. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to make your Salesforce dreams a reality. It just requires a good plan, a decent amount of study effort, and a good social media strategy to promote yourself. Join this panel discussion to hear directly from people at various stages of their Salesforce career path, from “I’m still trying for my first real job” to “I’ve made it to the top of the ladder.” Hear what worked for them and what advice they got from others along the way (good and bad).