How to Study for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam

How to Study for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam

The Platform App Builder certification tests your knowledge of basic Salesforce configuration techniques used to build custom platform applications.  It also tests you on some fundamentals of the Salesforce platform, such as Workflow Rules, Profiles, Roles, Sharing and Field Types.  While you aren’t expected to write any Apex or Visualforce for this certification, you do need to understand when Apex or Visualforce might be a good option to address a requirement.

For anyone preparing to take the Salesforce Platform App Builder exam, here is some advice for how to approach it:

  1. Download the latest Salesforce Study Guide and review the exam coverage and practice questions.
  2. If you are new to Salesforce and don’t have any training, use this Trailhead Trailmix to familiarize yourself with the topics
  3. Now you are ready to study for the exam.  Start by signing up for Platform App Builder: Rapid Exam Prep
  4. Watch all the videos in the course.
  5. Take the practice exam included in the course
  6. Re-watch the videos for any questions you miss
  7. Take the practice exam again
  8. Repeat until you are scoring a perfect 100% on the practice exam
  9. You should be in great shape to pass this exam now

Free Option

  1. Short on cash?  You can still watch some of the practice exam questions on our Youtube channel.